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To get started, you can add Profile card block by clicking Add Block icon found in the top left corner of the page editor toolbar. Additionally, you can find Add Block icon on the left side of the content area. You can also find the icon on central top part just above the content area, when hovered. As you click the icon, a popup dialogue box will appear with a search box at the top. Here you can search the term “Profile Card Block” or scroll down to Rise Blocks. Under this topic, you will find Profile Card Block.

Key Features

Customizable Appearance

Display the card either with image on the top or on the right side of the content. Additionally you can enable or disable the box shadow and border.

Typography options

Make the Name, Designation, and Description more contrast with appropriate font size, weight, and family.

Color Options

Tweak the color of Name, Designation, and Description as you like to add additional effect to the block

Responsive Options

Ensure the Profile Card Block is responsive in different devices through spacing options.

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