We’re happy to announce our first WordPress Gutenberg plugin.

Rise Blocks is a gallery of light weight block for Gutenberg editor. With rise block, you can make stunning layouts for your website or blog with zero knowledge in coding.

Watch beautiful demos to learn what you can do with these blocks.

The main reason behind developing Rise Blocks is to deliver awesome layouts through light weight blocks. This way, we can keep our website light and free from unwanted codes.

So if you are also inclined to use light weights then Rise Blocks is for you.
Currently, we have a couple of great blocks that will help you to create an awesome website. Additionally, you can also check out our WordPress theme, Gutenbiz Theme, based in Rise Blocks.

The blocks are lightweight which will help to create awesome websites free from unwanted codes. Its very easy to use, even with zero knowledge in coding that can build a stunning website.

There’s all you need to build from simple to complex websites.
New to Block page builder and Rise Blocks, here’s a tutorial for you to learn about it.

Blog — View Block

This block allows to display five blog articles’ experts and metadata in your desired page. You can fetch it either specific category or all posts and then display it according to the publishing date or alphabetical order of the title.

Call to action — View Block

This block helps to make an attractive call to action section with customized background image and button. You can further personalize it through customizing heading with your choice of fonts, and colors.

Counter — View Block

This block allows to display the numbers in the most peculiar way than other content. Additionally, you can customize the blocks through tweaking the colors and typography.

Advanced Heading — View Block

This block enables attractive heading for the page or section with the label feature to show extra information about the topic. You can also customize it further through tweaking settings available in block options in appearance, typography, and color areas.

Section — View Block

This block enables you to add a section with the desired layout that allows you to add other blocks within it.

Page Slider — View Block

This block allows you to fetch other pages’ heading and excerpts, and display it in a carousel layout with a link. You can customize the appearance and also tweak colors.

Profile Cards — View Block

Add this block to share your energetic team members. You can add their photo, name, description and social profiles.

Icon Boxes — View Block

This block enables you to display information along with Icon and show it either in grid or in a row.

Advanced Button — View Block

Modern and flexible buttons for gutenberg.

More BLocks

We have added most useful blocks in our gallery but this is not the end. Still more to add up in Rise Blocks. So stay tuned.

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