Rise Blocks is a free gallery of a lightweight block for Gutenberg editor. With rise block plugin, you can make stunning layouts for your website or blog with zero knowledge in coding. Watch beautiful demos to learn what you can do with these blocks. The main reason behind developing Rise Blocks is to deliver awesome layouts through lightweight blocks. This way, we can keep our website light and free from unwanted codes. So if you are also inclined to use light weights then Rise Blocks is for you. Currently, we have a couple of great blocks that will help you to create an awesome website. Additionally, you can also check out our WordPress theme, Gutenbiz Theme, based in Rise Blocks.

Why Rise Block?

The blocks are lightweight which will help to create awesome websites free from unwanted codes. It’s very easy to use, even with zero knowledge in coding that can build a stunning website. There’s all you need to build from simple to complex websites.

Watch Video Tutorials

– In order to import templates and components, you need to install the theme free Gutenbiz and free Rise Blocks Plugin.

Demos using Rise Blocks Plugin and Gutenbiz Theme


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