Gutenbiz Woocommerce Addon is an exciting add-on to Gutenbiz Theme which allows you to add mini-cart on your WooCommerce based website with unique design in the top-right menu bar. After installing this add-on, you can explore the settings in the Website Dashboard > Appearance > Customize. It provides more options like custom styling, enable/disable sections, update quantity and many more. Gutenbiz Woocommerce Addon Features :
  • More Checkout options
  • Slide design layout
  • Premium design for cart and checkout page
  • Mini Cart (Enable / disable option)
  • Products update/remove options
  • Primary Color option
  • Multiple Hero Product for product page
  • Background image, color, text color, spacing options for hero buttons
  • Extra sidebar options for WooCommerce pages
  • Customize Minicart settings
  • Enable and disable for product page titlesPreview Mini Cart Demo
Support will be available within 12-24 hours. The Pro version Customers get quick support than free themes & Plugins Add-on.

Demos using Rise Blocks Plugin and Gutenbiz Theme

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