Bizline Pro is a multipurpose, clean, and elegant WordPress theme. The theme is best suited for business as well as eCommerce websites. It offers all the features of Bizline WordPress theme – Free Version along with other additional tweaks to make the website awesome, aesthetic, and elegant. The theme supports WooCommerce plugin, hence you can develop a beautiful eCommerce website with it. This theme includes Top info bar, Header options, Featured Slider, Services, About, Feature, Testimonial, Team, Call to Action, News and Updates sections.  In order to build a professional website, you can easily customize the sections like Theme Customizer, Custom Container width options, Logo Widths, Typography, Color options, Breadcrumbs, Footer Settings, Post Options, Sidebar options and other Gutenberg blocks. Download and Activate the theme. Then you can go to Dashboard > Appearance> Customizer

Boost your site with Premium features

Key Features :

Home Page
  • Sections – Featured-slider, quote, services, features, testimonial, team, call to action, news
  • 3 posts/pages options in each section
  • Unlimited Posts / Pages (Pro)
Advanced Options
  • Show content
  • Section order (Pro)
Site Identity
  • Site Identity layout (Pro)
  • Title size
  • Tagline size
  • Logo size
Theme Options Top Bar
  • Enable/disable
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Social menu (enable/disable)
  • Social Icon Roundness (Pro)
  • Social Icon Layout (Pro)
  • Background Color (Pro)
  • Text color (Pro)
Header Options
  • Show search icon (Pro)
  • Fixed Header (Pro)
  • Header layout (Pro)
Typography Options
  • Font family (added 10+ languages in Pro)
  • Font size
  • Font weight (Pro)
  • Font style (Pro)
  • Text Transform (Pro)
  • Letter spacing (Pro)
  • Line Height (Pro)
Color options
  • Header text
  • Body background
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Body text
  • Primary menu text
  • Header background
  • Header Icon
  • Button hover
  • Link
  • Link hover
  • Sidebar widget title
  • SIdebar widget content
  • Footer widget title
  • Footer widget content
  • Footer Background
  • Footer copyright background
  • Footer copyright text
Breadcrumb Options
  • enable/disable
  • Separator icons
  • Font size
Inner banner options
  • Title
  • Height
  • Font size
  • Text color
  • Overlay color
  • Alignment
  • Image Attachment (scroll/fixed)
Footer Options
  • Layout
  • Copyright Text
  • Social menu (Pro)
  • Author show/hide (Pro)
  • Author name (Pro)
Post options
  • Category show/hide
  • Date show/hide
  • Author show/hide
  • Excerpt length
Sidebar Options
  • Sidebar position
Scroll To Top
  • Position / Display (Pro)
  • Background color (Pro)
  • Icon color (Pro)
  • Icon selector (Pro)
  • Border radius (Pro)
Advanced Options
  • Preloader show/hide
  • Transparent header
  • Assets Version
  • Site layout
  • Container width
Rise Block Pro Included 

More flexible options at Theme Customizer.

Beautiful Demos

You can try with our Gutenberg block – Rise Blocks Pro  ( Included in Bizline Pro )

If you’re new to Gutenberg, you can check the dashboard in the testing site. So that you can get more ideas on how to set up a website using Rise Block Plugin. Page Building Blocks for WordPress editor. Get yourself a Gutenberg friendly WordPress Blocks.
  • Rise Slider
  • Advanced Heading
  • Icon box
  • Call to Action
  • Profile card / Team / Testimonials
  • Blog listing / News & Updates
  • Counter
  • More options like – Logo Upload, Design typography, Customizer Options, More Color. Child Theme Support, Custom Menus,  Social Links, Footer Widgets, Background Image, Sidebar Widgets, show / hide breadcrumbs options, Inner banner, Post Options, PreLoader etc

Include Rise Blocks Pro Templates:

Watch Video Tutorials

– In order to import templates and components, you need to install the theme Gutenbiz and Rise Blocks Plugin.
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